Pallet boards

Pallet boards

We manufacture both standard and non-standard pallet board sizes according to customer’s requirements.

Production range:

Thickness: 15-50 mm
Width: 75-135 mm
Length: 800-3000 mm

We also offer various sizes of II grade material:

Thickness: 15-17 mm
Width: 75-78 mm
Length: 600-1200 mm

Antiseptic treatment

Paying particular attention to the protection of the environment, we carefully study the conditions, standards and requirements for the chemical processing of wood. All types of chemical treatment are fully consistent with the requirements of European standards and meet the environmental safety standards.

Drying and heat treatment

Our company has two drying chambers with total capacity of 120 cubic meters.
Drying mode is selected depending on wood species and desired humidity level, which is determined by the customer. Technical capabilities of our drying chambers allow drying wood up to 8 % humidity with precision and accuracy.

We also offer heat treatment according to ISPM 15 standards.